Why DivePay

DivePay payment gateway is FAST, SAFE, SECURE & TRANSPARENT in each transactions. Its Free to Sign UP for Personal & Business clients. Our exchange rate is so reasonable when compared to other payment gateway, whether its in Deposit or Withdrawal.


It take less than a minute to create an account in Divepay. Client can send & receive fund here by one click.


The Financial details of our clients such as debit card, credit card, bank etc., will not be disclosed / shared with anyone.


Our clients fund safety is our primary duty. We secure funds through Anti-fraud tools with security features .


The fee for Deposit & withdrawals from the Divepay wallet will be transparent & there is no hidden charges applied.
Creating an account and doing transactions in DivePay is very FAST. Our client can transfer funds instantly to any other user of DivePay. There is no limit for transaction here & fund transfer’s instant to another client of DivePay.
All our clients data including transactions / personal details are SAFE & SECURE with us. We protect our clients data with utmost security. If any clients make any mistake while doing transaction please feel free to contact our support team or send an email to support@divepay.com immediately.
The Transactions and its fees / charges are very TRANSPARENT. There is no hidden fee is charged to our clients. If client need any clarification regarding transactions please feel free to contact our support team or send an email to support@divepay.com.